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Colin Barker - 'I am definitely voting 'leave' as I am putting the long-term future of t

Cambridgeshire arable farmer Colin Barker on why he's voting to leave:

As a farmer, most people would expect me to be in favour of staying in the EU as I receive a cheque from them every year for a not insubstantial amount. However, I have become totally disillusioned with the way the EU is now acting. They are undemocratic, not answerable to anyone, and what seems to me to be most worrying is their apparent attempt to create the old Soviet Bloc in western Europe.

I predicted some years ago that we would eventually be told what we can and can't grow and that has now started to happen with the ridiculous three-crop rule. It is central control from bureaucrats who understand nothing about farming. If any farmer thinks that the Single Farm Payment will go on for much longer they are living in cloud-cuckoo land - they have been chipping away at the SFP for some years now, and that will not stop. Death by a thousand cuts seems to be the order of the day.

I know that it is difficult for Turkeys to apparently vote for Christmas, but I am definitely voting 'leave' as I am putting the long-term future of the country, and therefore agriculture, first. There is a whole wide world out there - we will still trade with Europe, and they will still trade with us, despite the scare stories we hear from what has become 'Project Fear'.

Vote leave and unshackle ourselves from the corpse that the EU has become.

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