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Brexit offers great opportunity - now the industry must step up and help shape 'Plan B'

We’ve heard a lot about “Plan B”. What is it? And what could the landscape around food and farming look like post Brexit?

As an industry that has been subsidised in one way or another for decades, there is a need to sustain a level of support. We now have David Cameron’s assurance that under his administration, the support concept will carry on.

The shape, I think, is down to us and our representatives, the NFU, CLA and others need to come forward with good ideas.

Let’s think about how we can help today's youth, the future of our industry, get into farming.

How we can turn area payments into a simplified system that supports good environmental farming, how we can reduce regulation by having a real bonfire of debilitating regulations.

How can we use support to stimulate investment? I am afraid I well remember the old development schemes that allowed us grant aid for buildings, drainage, fixtures and fittings, much of which is still in use today and needs updating!

The farming vote is important, but equally the future of our industry needs new ideas and new ways of working, an opportunity that Brexit offers.

Let’s hear those ideas from farmers and build a future for our industry.

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